Practice Areas

Amenity Centers

Glass wall of exercise centers with tree and grass

We offer turn-key gated community solutions including driveway and pedestrian gates that are automated and monitored featuring controlled access with automatic gate operators and telephone access systems for control of visitors at the gate.

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Gated Neighborhoods / Residential Complexes

Brick wall with rolling gate and parking lot

Monitored access into and within gated communities and apartment complexes are basic requirements of residents, staff, and maintenance personnel.

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Estate Access Control

A combined image of a Cellgate access device with keypad and an ornamental gate with a gate operator

With increasing use of technologies addressing home automation, it is only natural that clients are expecting new technologies to remotely manage and monitor access to automated driveway gates and pedestrian gates.

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Data Centers

A Data Center hallway with walls of server racks and a computer cart

Implementing an access control system is a fundamental in data center security1. Access should be restricted to those individuals (plus necessary facility personnel) required to support the environmental and network infrastructure.

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