Secure Access from a Distance

Do you have a location where you would like to have keyless or secure entry that is too far away from your access system controller to cost justify the expense of installation. If so, a recent introduction by Sure-Fi might just be the answer:

The wireless wiegand bridge by Sure-Fi is a wireless adapter that works for any wiegand protocol. The Sure-Fi wireless bridge has a range of up to 1 mile through obstructions and up to 50 miles line-of-sight. With one wiegand input, two relay outputs, one Request-to-Exit input and one auxiliary input this bridge is a fit for almost every application.

The Sure-Fi Wiegand Bridge System consists of two units: The Controller Interface, and the Remote Interface. The system provides a wireless connection (bridge) from a remote location, such as at a door, to the controller location at the access control panel. The Controller Interface connects with the access control panel and communicates wirelessly to the Remote Interface, which is placed near any peripheral Wiegand device (card reader / keypad / receiver /etc). Each Bridge System consists of one Wiegand input, two relay outputs and inputs for door monitor sensors/request to exit inputs. The Sure-Fi App provides troubleshooting, diagnostics information, and field upgrades.


  • Up to 1 mile range through obstructions and 50+ miles line-of-sight
  • Patented Bunker Busting Technology, using 900 MHz
  • Works inside metal enclosures
  • Proprietary PCB Antenna design
  • FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) certified


  • Works with any Wiegand protocol
  • 1 Wiegand input
  • 2 relay outputs (Wet or Dry)
  • Request to exit input (REX)
  • Door monitor input (DPS)
  • Battery backup input with battery charger and UPS function
  • DIN rail mount or direct wall mount
  • Signal Strength, Transmit & Receive indicators
  • Test Button for easy range testing
  • Field configurable and updatable with Sure-Fi App


  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC (9VDC to 15VDC)
  • Operating Current: (@12VDC): 0.08A (idle), 0.3A (transmit)
  • Operating Power: (@12VDC): 3.6 Watt (peak)
  • Transmit Power: 1 Watt (30dBm)
  • Frequency Band: 902 - 928 MHz
  • Channels: 72 (Frequency Hopping)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -133dBm
  • Link Budget: 163dB
  • Range: Up to 1 mile through obstructions and 50+ miles line-of-sight
  • Encryption: AES128
  • Battery Backup Connection: 12V Sealed Lead Acid only
  • Battery Charge Voltage: 13.75V maximum
  • Relays: 2A 250VAC / 2A 250VDC Wet or Dry, NO, NC, COM (x2)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -67 F to +257 F (-55 C to +125 C)
  • Mounting Options: DIN 35 (35mm x 7.5mm) or directly mount with two screws

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