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Access Control

Access control is an important tool for maintaining the security1 of your facility, be that an apartment complex, parking garage, community pool, commercial site, or any other property that needs protection. Our access control products can be used to keep intruders out, identify visitors, prevent after-hours access, or even to ensure seamless delivery of your residents’ packages.

Why choose our electronic access control systems over other forms of security? Our electronic access control system uses computers and wireless technology to enhance the security of your property more efficiently and effectively. Key fobs wirelessly unlock doors and can be easily replaced if lost. Unlike physical locks, changing the lock of your electronic access control system is as easy as setting a new passcode on your lock, which can quickly be applied to all key fobs for common areas like garages or pools, or restricted to just one door for private apartments, offices, etc. Electronic card readers and keypads work similarly to key fobs - the choice of authentication is yours. These electronic security options can be customized to any security needs you have, and we would love to work with you to build the perfect system for your property.

Keyless entry provides frustration free access for your residents, customers, or employees while keeping unauthorized visitors out and can be customized to prevent after-hours access, document visitors, or allow entry based on security credentials.

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Card reader, fob reader, and keypad

Card & Credentials

RFID Cards and a fob


Sample of touch screen interface of control system